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Curriculum Vitae

The success of your application will largely be determined by how you respond to the Selection Criteria component of a position application.
Your application will be competing with many for the attention of the person processing the applications.

Creating a strong impression with a Professional Resume (CV) optimises your opportunity to generate an interview and has a better chance of being noticed.


Michelle's experience as a Registered Nurse, Coach, and Educator can place your application ahead of the pack!

Resume (CV) writing - includes:

• Online consultation - approximately 30 mins

• Skills audit, strengths, personal attributes, and past achievements

• Personal brand styling that captures your uniqueness and gets the attention of recruiters

• Tailored to suit your work, industry, and personal brand

Cost $250

Selection Criteria - includes:

• An online consultation - approximately 30 minutes

• Giving specific examples

• Using relevant keywords and phrases

• Matching tasks, actions, results with examples

• Highlighting how you've successfully demonstrated competency

Cost $250 

Customised Cover Letters - Includes:

• Customised to capture your unique personal brand

• Writing style aligned with your resume

• Highlights relevant skills and experience

• Tailored for specific skills suitable for the position 

Cost $250


Full Package Discount - Includes

For a truly professional presentation, having all three is the most effective and 

that's why we offer a discount to encourage you to embrace the full package.

Resume (CV) Remake

Selection Criteria

Customised Cover Letter

Cost $600

Nurse Coach Michelle.jpg

Kind words from clients 

I am speechless. Very impressed with your work. Thank you so much. I love the way it is so well written, easy to read, lovely picture of a nurse. And I really like the way you put my qualifications and achievements on the left side. Very professional and impressive.~ Maria Theresa Adlawan

It has been an absolute blessing to be able to meet (well virtually) Michelle and get her guidance and support. She is so caring and determined to provide the best quality CVs, as well as helping with selection criteria’s. I would 100% recommend her to anyone and everyone I know! I am beyond stoked with how my CV has turned out, and can’t wait to see my fine tuned selection criteria. Thank you so much, Michelle! Any interviews I obtain are thanks to you! So happy with all the work you put in to make me stand out from the rest! - Tanya Lacey

 I love it more than I could have imagined to be honest, you have done an amazing job! - Tiarna Russ

"Three weeks before completion of my new graduation and after two unsuccessful interviews I realised I was at a point where I needed someone to help me. 

Michelle was very supportive as I had one week to prepare for a new interview.

After working with Michelle, I felt much more confident. She has a methodical approach that makes it all become natural, as she helps you use your own experience to answer the interview questions.

The manager called me the next day after my interview to tell me I was the preferred candidate. I honestly couldn’t have done it without Michelle.

I highly recommend her program. It is truly a worthwhile investment"


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