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Career Coaching and Mentoring for Nurses

Empowering Your Potential  

Everyone needs a career coach to guide them on managing their career and developing their leadership potential.

As a nurse career coach and mentor, I help you understand the specific steps you'll need to develop skills to accelerate your growth.


Empower your potential so you can love what you do and enjoy a fulfilling career.


With a focus on nursing skills, wellbeing, confidence, leadership strengths, self-care and values, I help nurses discover their passions and work holistically, feel supported with big decisions and experience sustained personal wellness.


40 years of experience as a nurse and my training as a healthcare educator allows me to offer unique support in navigating the complex path to developing a successful long-term career in the healthcare industry.


With training in positive psychology and professional coaching, I offer you the very best approach for personal and professional learning and for developing your full potential. 

As a Nurses Career Coach and Mentor with over 40 years of experience in healthcare, I am passionate about nurturing nurses' success and wellbeing by offering young nurses extensive leadership training and my knowledge and experience in the healthcare industry and corporate environments.

I invite you to join me on my online 4-week Career Empowerment Coaching for Nurses Program as well as add-on resume writing services for new job applications.


To find out more about Empowering Career Coaching services contact me below or book online. 



What is a nursing career coach?


Nurses work with a career coach to help them understand and map their career path. As your coach and mentor I help you understand the specific steps to develop helpful skills and accelerate your growth. I offer you unique support in navigating the difficulties in the nursing industry from having experience within the profession of nursing.

As your career coach, I have expertise in career management and leadership development and draw from a long career career in healthcare working in both public and private hospital environments. My training in positive psychology and professional coaching offers nurses the very best approach for personal and professional learning and development to help them reach their potential. 

What are the benefits of working with a Nurse Coach?


• Being supported through a career change

• Discovering your key inner strengths

• Developing growth fostering relationships

• Facing fears and be mindful of reactions

• Interviewing with confidence and self-belief

• Developing confidence and assertiveness

• Practicing self-care and reduce stress & anxiety

• Developing professional skills for success

• Overcoming setbacks with resilience

• Mapping your career development pathway

• Developing a meaningful career and life vision and goals

• Increasing positive emotions and wellbeing


Nurse And Patient In Waiting Room

"Boosting happiness is not only important for nurse’s personal wellbeing but also has a flow-on effect to colleagues we work with, patients we care for and family and friends we care about. But you need to be prepared to take some action and do the work"        


                                                        Michelle deRoubaix

How can Career and Life Coaching help Nurses?

Nursing career coaches and mentors understand the healthcare system and the challenges young nurses face. With my 40 years of experience, I have an expert understanding of the nursing scope of practice as well as a background in career and life development. 


I can help nurses seek out and find new jobs or apply for new positions to advance their careers with interview coaching techniques. I can help them expand their career skills so they feel equipped to deal with challenges. I also help nurses build confidence, understand their unique strengths, and manage their self-care so they can be balanced and able to provide the best of care to their patients. 


I have added to my career coaching packages; helping nurses with selection criteria, personal branding with CV design, and writing specialised cover letters to improve job application success. 

Why work with Michelle?

With a nursing career spanning over 40 years, Michelle has excellent interpersonal skills and is positive motivator. She has intimate knowledge of problem-solving and decision making within a clinical environment and is a highly skilled coach and mentor that brings out the best in her clients.


She is skilled at assessing competency in the workplace and managing change. As an educator, she brings a wealth of knowledge to learning and development approaches. Michelle also practices mindfulness and uses a range of self-care practices to promote nurse wellbeing.

"The benefits of improving happiness in the nursing workforce improve both psychology and physical well-being. Research available presents the view that it makes you feel better, energy levels increase, your immune system is boosted, relationships improve, and productivity at work is increased and you live longer."


Michelle deRoubaix

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