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Find your unique qualities as a nurse
Develop your confidence
Discover your true potential


WHY coaching and mentoring benefits nurses 

During this global pandemic, respect for nurses has increased dramatically. However, I still find that many nurses are not receiving the guidance they need to improve their mental, emotional and physical health and wellbeing.


My programs train nurses how to:

  • Uncover what you have to offer

  • Discover your strengths 

  • Strategies that work to deal with difficult conversations 

  • Develop a vision for your future career

Nurses feel more joy when their values and strengths are aligned with their career goals. That's why I help nurses develop strategies to close the gap from where they are today to where they want to be eventually. This involves learning to discover their strengths, understand their values, and discover why they're so passionate about nursing.



HOW nurses flourish

From my own experience as a nurse and nursing educator for over 40 years, I realised that many nurses were struggling with aspects of their careers that were impacting their physical well-being, their lives in general, and limiting their capacity to advance their careers.


I expanded my teaching programs and began coaching and mentoring nurses to empower them to strive for a better work/life balance and improve their prospects to further their careers. 


Increasing confidence allows nurses to develop self-belief, manage stress and self-care, and confidently navigate major career decisions so they can love their career and life.



"Empowered nurses flourish through awareness of their potential, and knowing how to shift
their focus to 
their performance"

                        Michelle DeRoubaix
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Resume Writing

Let me create a stand-out resume that demonstrates your unique skills, strengths and why they should hire you for the position. 

Selection Criteria

Let me present your experiences clearly aligned with organisational needs in punchy examples. 

Cover Letters

Capture your future employer's attention with a professional cover letter and get that interview. 

Kind Words from Clients


It has been an absolute blessing to meet (well, virtually) Michelle and get her guidance and support. She is so caring and determined to provide the best quality CVs, as well as helping with selection criteria.

I would recommend her 100%, to anyone and everyone I know! I am beyond stoked with how my CV has turned out, and can’t wait to see my fine-tuned selection criteria.

Thank you so much, Michelle! Any interviews I obtain are thanks to you!

So happy with all the work you put in to make me stand out from the rest!


Tanya Lacey 

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Michelle DeRoubaix 


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